Claire Bryant was born out of an experiment that transfused Jimi Hendrix and Audrey Hepburn’s DNA. She's got powerhouse pipes and the attitude to match. With a heavy Amy Winehouse influence, Claire's music is drunk off her vulnerable, soulful stank. In reviewing her latest release, "Too Hot" EP, wrote, "Claire Bryant never fails to deliver. And her musicianship is only matched by her vulnerable, emotionally personal songwriting...all surrounded by dynamic instrumentations and powerhouse vocals." Claire Bryant is accompanied by her erotic, electric band: The Babes. A babe indeed, this Berklee College of Music graduate sings, writes, and produces with a beautifully unique aesthetic. Her sound is often compared to that of Snoh Aalegra and Hiatus Kaiyote. Although considered an R&B artist, Claire Bryant writes for other genres, including pop and country. Born and raised in Illinois, Claire is currently based in her beloved city, Chicago, but is moving to Los Angeles, CA in Fall of 2021 to further her musical endeavors. Oxygen is running thin; Claire Bryant is the breath of fresh air the music industry has been waiting for.

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